Tinder - NSAC 2021 
Draw The Next Wildcard

How do you get Tinder to become part of Gen Z’s lifestyle, without affirming or undermining its reputation for dating?

Role: Art Direction & Design
* Full list of roles & teammates found here.
* Full Plans Book found here.


OOH - Wildpostings

The copy emphasizes key selling points of the anti-curation and anti-algorithm lifestyle. This encourages the audience to interact with the QR code, which will lead them to the Tinder app. 

Social - Interactive Instagram Ad

Social - Banners for Twitch

Tinder-sponsored banner ads placed on Twitch will illustrate the random nature of experiences one can have on Tinder. The Tinder Flameball (8-ball) generates random, punchy, and playful answers to common questions we sometimes ask ourselves while navigating connections on Tinder.

More Highlights

Here’s a peek at how the visual feel + design was implemented across PR & experiential portions of the campaign!

Check out our full plans book here for elaboration.


We scored last place in the the first round (regional districts) ︎

However, Tinder later rolled out “HOT TAKES,” an app feature. This was also one of our experiential ideas. 

They confirmed that we were the source for its official name, and that they drew creative elements from our campaign!